Thursday, May 22, 2008

Say ‘I do’ in Beautiful Jamaica

Jamaican Wedding2
The problem with weddings nowadays is that they are just not exciting enough (boring, boring, boring…blah, blah, blah…yawn, yawn, yawn…am I dead yet?) And with the rate of divorce so high worldwide it’s definitely not a good idea to have a dull wedding. So make it wild and exciting, and of course, cost-effective.

Jamaican Wedding1
The most exciting weddings for some of the best prices on earth take place in Jamaica everyday. Say ‘I do’ on a rock overlooking the Caribbean Sea, on the edge of a pure white sand beach, or in a garden of the prettiest flowers. When you exchange vows in Jamaica you can be sure that your marriage will be off to a great start. And visit Jamaica at least once per year to celebrate life and to strengthen your union.

And gentlemen, listen up! If you want a guaranteed yes to your proposal then be sure to ask her to marry you in these exact words: ‘Will you pleeeeeeeeeeeaaase marry me, in Jamaica?’

Most resorts in Jamaica offer marriage services. Seek and ye shall find!

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See you in Jamaica.