Sunday, July 27, 2008

Welcome to Negril, Jamaica

Negril is an absolutely fascinating city that is located at the very western end of Jamaica. Perhaps it is best known for the longest strip of pure natural beach in the world, which is seven miles long. But in Negril you will also find a secluded pristine beach that is hidden in a little bay, cliffs, caves, Bloody Bay, Booby Cay, among other great things and places in see. Of course, there are many hotels, villas, cottages, guest houses, restaurants, bars, and party spots in Negril. We counted four clothing optional (nude) beaches in Negril: RIU, Couples, Grand Lido Negril (the perfect resort), and Hedonism II. If you’ve never been to Negril, you’ve been denying yourself one of life’s greatest pleasures. Put it on the agenda to visit. If you’ve been to Negril then you know not to keep Negril waiting.

Here is a photographic tour of Negril. It was a cloudy, windy day and the sea was very upset. But Seymour and Andy were kind enough to take our crew in their glass bottom boat to capture the entire Negril shoreline. Big up Seymour and Andy!

This is Negril from East to West.

It starts at this secluded beach, in a little hidden bay. We named this beach Rude Beach. Oh, if only this beach could talk!

Then Bloody Bay, where you can find two RIU Hotels, a Couples Hotel, Grand Lido Negril (the perfect resort), and two or three public beaches. We stopped at one of the RIU hotels and caught some of the water aerobics action.

This RIU Hotel is non-stop party action

Water aerobics RIU Hotel

RIU Hotel # 2 Bloody Bay

Couples Hotel Bloody Bay, Negril

Grand Lido Negril (the perfect resort), Bloody Bay, Negril

Then there is Point Village and Hedonism II (look for separate feature on Hedo II)

Point Village

Hedonism II (nudism, exhibitionism, and non-stop fun)

Then Sandals Negril, where the seven-mile beach and the action begin.

Sandals Negril (Negril's seven-mile beach begins here)

Along the seven-mile beach are hotels, guest houses, houses, bars, restaurants, villas, party spots, among other things. Of course, we shot photographs of people, jetskiiers, boats and other things along the way, to keep things exciting.

Sandals Negril

Beaches Negril

The people who own Couples Swept Away owns this own

Couples Swept Away

For Real Hotel


Bourbon Beach (great jerk chicken and awesome party spot)

Errol's Sunset Cafe

Big Up Rastafari (flag)

The seven-mile beach ends right here in downtown Negril.

Downtown Negril leads into the cliffs and caves of West End Negril. Along the Cliffs and Caves of West End Negril are the Blue Cave Castle Hotel, Rockhouse Resort and Restaurant, Banana Resort, Negril Escape, and the world famous Rick’s Café (look for separate feature on Rick’s Café). The show ends at the lighthouse.

Church in Downtown Negril

Blue Cave Castle Hotel

Samsara Hotel

Rockhouse Hotel

Negril Escape (party spot)

Banana Shout Resort

Rick's Cafe (the world-famous Rick's Cafe)

The Caves (hotel) - Chris Blackwell owns this hotel

Negril Lighthouse

This is Negril from West to East

So you just saw the layout of Negril from East to West. Now here it is in reverse order, from West to East.

This time around the photographs show parts of the cliffs and caves, all of the seven mile beach, and ends at Grand Lido Negril (the perfect resort), in Bloody Bay. There are also photographs of Seymour and Andy, our great boat crew, and, of course, their beautiful glass bottom boat, Reality.

Kids having fun in Negril

Seymour & Andy, an their glass bottom boat, Reality.

Special thanks to Seymour, Andy, Conrad and the rest of the Water Sports Team at Grand Lido Negril (the perfect resort).

There is absolutely no place in the world like Negril, Jamaica.

Every country is great, especially Jamaica.

See you in Jamaica.


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